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This year, 93.3 WKYQ is celebrating its 40th anniversary! The Rabbit would like to thank everyone who’s listened to us over the years  Take a trip back in time with the following pictures taken over the years to see how times may have changed, but one thing hasn’t: 93.3 WKYQ is still the #1 station in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois! Here’s to the next 40 years…and beyond!

1988 q christmas pic

Santa and the WKYQ Rabbit join the Q Crew for this Christmas snapshot back in 1988. Front row(from left to right): Liz Emory, Donna Groves Jago, Andrea Manley Underwood, Carla Wilke, Melonie Reed, Suanne Bynum, Dianne Toon, Steve Schwetman, Kevin Miller, Paul Williams. Back row: Kent King, Greg Walker, Brad McLamour, Bobby Cook, “The Orange Man” Craig Hayden, Ron Hawes,  Joe Weitlauf, Dr. Jeff Lawrence, Greg Dunker, Gary Morse.


farmer of the day cap

One of WKYQ’s most cherished prizes: a “Farmer of the Day” cap. This was given away during the WKYQ Mid-day Update. The hat in the picture above is courtesy of Ricky O’Neal of Farmington. His grandfather won it in the 80s.



WKYQ’s Bobby & Steve with Bill Engvall backstage at Harrahs Metropolis.


dunker traffic

WKYQ has provided up-to-the minute traffic reports for years. Here’s Greg Dunker reporting live from the scene on US 45.


jamie rabbit gov

Current station general manager Jamie Futrell during his salesman days with hundreds of “WKYQ Rabbit for Governor” yard signs. This was one of WKYQ’s most memorable promotions.



Bobby Cook and Nick Black with Trace Adkins backstage at Paducah Tilghman for a fundraiser for the Carson Center.


dunker rabbit races

Greg Dunker with some young participants in the WKYQ Rabbit Races during Labor Day in the 80’s.



Our biggest rabbit joined us 15 years ago: Rabbitzilla!


kents terrys statlers

WKYQ’s Kent King, Kent Crider, Terry Schmitt and Terry Hale with the Statler Brothers.


bbq on the river 2003

WKYQ played a big part in the creation of “Barbecue On The River”. Since it’s inception, it’s become one of the Paducah’s biggest festivals. WKYQ is proud to be one of the “official” media sponsors for this event. Here’s the WKYQ crew hanging out at the Friday night festivities in 2003. Front row(L to R):  Phil Stedham, Tracie Tubbs, Kelvin Jeffords, the Bear on the Air. Second row: Willie Kerns, Gary Morse, Bill Burns, Jack Newberry, Jeremy “Roadie” Newberry, Ryan Fowell. Back row: Nick Black, John Crumb(partially hidden), Steve Schwetman, Mark Summer, Andy Rudd, Dr. Jeff Lawrence.


terry schmitt and winner

WKYQ’s Terry Schmitt congratulates a young winner in front of our old offices in the Solomon Building on Kentucky Avenue.


softball olmsted

The WKYQ “Some Stars” softball team is always ready to play! We can’t recall how many games we’ve won or lost, but we’ve always had fun playing local teams to help raise money for deserving charities and folks in need. This was taken after a game in Olmstead, IL. Left to right: Dr. Jeff Lawrence, Bobby Cook, “The Orange Man” Craig Hayden.



WKYQ’s Kent Crider and Ed Morris in the old WKYQ studios on Old Mayfield Road.


FLW 2009

Steve Schwetman and the WKYQ Rabbit hanging out with the Chevrolet FLW pro fishing team at Country Chevrolet in Benton before a tournament on Kentucky Lake.


kent king alabama

WKYQ’s Kent King interviews Jeff Cook of Alabama at CMA Radio Week at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.


tshirt picture

The #1 most asked question we get whenever we’re out and about in Rabbit Country is “Y’all got any t-shirts?” The WKYQ t-shirt is the most popular giveaway item in our history! Here’s the most recent incarnation of the WKYQ t-shirt when it came out in 2009. Left to right: Bobby Cook, Sandy Lee, Jessica Harris, Steve Schwetman.


kent and george

From the Kent Crider collection: Kent meets the one and only, George Jones.


dune buggy

WKYQ live broadcasts always attract a crowd. Here’s Dr. Jeff getting people to sign up to win a dune buggy!


wkyq crew

From left to right: Kent King, Terry Hale, Ed Morris, Terry Schmitt, and Kent Crider.


riverfront regatta

During a homemade boat regatta, the gang at Leneave Automotive show what station they listen to while paddling across the Ohio.


roxie FLW 2009

“Roxie on the Radio” interviewing an FLW official during a college tournament at Murray State University.


crider and mary beth

WKYQ’s Kent Crider and Mary Beth Foster goofing off during a photo shoot promoting WKYQ’s Farmer of the Day.


ladonna lee lake patrol

WKYQ’s Ladonna Lee on the scene with a report for “Lake Patrol”, telling listeners what’s happening in the lakes area.


spencer blair

Two of Western Kentucky’s best known mascots: the WKYQ Rabbit and Spencer Blair of Tommy Blair Pontiac GMC.


kent car show

WKYQ’s Kent King congratulates the winner of a car show in 1983.


orange and tom wopat

WKYQ’s “Orange Man” Craig Hayden interviews “Dukes of Hazard” star Tom Wopat at the Executive Inn prior to that night’s Renegades Country Concert on the riverfront during the Paducah Summer Festival. Wopat co-headlined the show that year with Kathy Mattea.


bread truck calvert city

Bobby Cook prepares to broadcast from atop the WKYQ “bread truck”.


randy owen opryland

Bobby Cook and the WKYQ Rabbit interview Randy Owen of Alabama at the Opryland Hotel in 1987.


doc pack 20th

Dr. Jeff and Chris Pack at WKYQ’s 20th birthday party in 1993.


kent bobby 20th

Kent King and Bobby Cook with a listener at WKYQ’s 20th birthday party in 1993.


rabbit applebees

The WKYQ Rabbit poses for pictures with fans while making an appearance at Applebee’s.


vince gill

While working in Nashville, Bobby Cook played on a softball team with Vince Gill. The two got reacquainted at one of WKYQ’s concerts during the Paducah Summer Festival.


titans caravan 2010

T-Raq and the WKYQ Rabbit get together during a Tennessee Titans Caravan in 2010.


titans caravan 2010 2

The WKYQ Van parked outside AT&T during the Tennessee Titans Caravan in 2010. The Rabbit Station is proud to be part of bringing Titans players, announcers, cheerleaders and T-Raq to Paducah, helping to make it the most successful stop on the annual tour.


bobby kevin pulaski fair

WKYQ’s Bobby Cook, Kevin Miller and the WKYQ Rabbit broadcasting from the Pulaski County Fair.


steve and orange renegade

WKYQ’s Steve Schwetman and the “Orange Man” Craig Hayden talk to the crowd between acts at the Renegades Country Concert at the riverfront at the Paducah Summer Festival.


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6 Responses to “40 YEARS OF WKYQ IN PICTURES”

  1. kent crider says:

    Great memories !! Happy 40th WKYQ !

  2. Jeff McCallister says:

    Those are some great pictures! But there are tons more people who are a part of the history of WKYQ. Like Gonzo Clint Jackson, Buffalo Steve Bunyard, Topper Council, Chris Goodman, Don Cleveland, Shana Vaughn, Greg Walker, Brad Brown, Tony Conkwright, Dale Matthews, Ken Dexter, Wayne Wallace, Jamie Richards, Michael Lee, Jason Dean, Tim Hopwood, Mark McClure, Andrea Manley, Donna Groves, Kevin Anderson, Joe Jackson, Sadie Gray, Jerry James and Scott Evans, just to mention a few my favorite on-air personalities over the 40 year history of WKYQ that weren’t mentioned here.

    • Steve Schwetman says:

      Jeff, thanks for remembering our air personalities from over the years. We didn’t mean to leave them out. We just couldn’t find any pictures with those you’ve mentioned. If you have any, please share them with us!

      • Jeff McCallister says:

        I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures, but I do have years of fond memories listening to the friendly voices on the air, playing the music. I’ve spent lots of time, doing lots of things listening to WKYQ for the past forty years. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep listening for another forty.

  3. Grant C says:

    My mom worked at WKYQ back in the mid to late 1980’s she was the weekend late night DJ

  4. I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures, but I do have years of fond memories listening to the friendly voices on the air, playing the music. I’ve spent lots of time, doing lots of things listening to WKYQ for the past forty years. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep listening for another forty.

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